Body Building Thread

Post all your broscience about body development here.

Dumbbell bench is silly but I gotta do it…

make sure ya squat bench and deadlift, idc wut ur numbers are just do these 3 at least.

even if you do nothing else but these 3 you get respect from me.

I’ll never look like I lift cuz I’m too stupid to diet properly. I drink half gallons of chocolate milk on the daily. My squat was at 365lb so I stopped cuz I couldn’t fit in my pants. Now I just do light squats and focus on my upper body

squats are gay I much prefer deadlifts

if u take pictures and post them on social media after you go to the gym kill urself

If you go to the gym period you’re a homo. Just work out at home fag.

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So I go to a 24 hour gym cuz its cheap as shit and I realized that I don’t use oly equipment so why am I paying an extra 20 a month for restricted hours + oly equipment.

Last week I went into the gym at about 11pm and there was a guy doing leg raises with out a shirt. He looked at me as I got on the treadmill and scurried to get his shirt off the bench. I said “Nice shirt dude.” I’ve never seen someone make for an exit so quick.

N-no homo…

Maybe get a manual labor job if you want to work out in public.

I personally work out in quake duels. Guy just ragequit after I railed him twice.

But I do have a manual labor job…

Why would you go to the gym? If it’s not enough just get a second job and lift more bricks.

I thought about getting a night job as a security officer. I was offered a security job once, but then they found out I didn’t have a blue card. Or a gun. Also that I was 17.

Last week I got offered a job at work in a club called “Swingin Richards.”
If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that if I’m struggling to find a job I just need to hangout late night at Waffle House.

fuck deadlifts, hurt my back doing that shit and never doing it again for the rest of my life

fuck you i fucking love squats #squatgang

word up

how many yrs away am i from getting poon now timado?

nah son push through the pain f dat.