Body Building Thread

the poons close to you more than you could ever imagine

timado have you got any pussy from being a pro Dota player

do u ever spend a couple bills on a dinner just to get a bitch in bed with you

I like girls so much

I think it’s because of the biological imperative of reproduction

Why don’t they have the same imperative for me

Humans have only been around for 13000 years

How do single celled organisms just come from nothing wtf

No, I pay my dates with my change jar.

We have created an on-going extinction event. Over 300 species have gone extinct because of us.

Hopefully the Germans are next

Single celled organisms came from the primordial soup getting hit by the lightning haven’t you seen Evangelion?

Source? It isn’t on the wiki for biology

The source is Evangelion.

Grass is significantly newer than trees

There used to be no grass

A riveting statement

There also used to be no racism

All I do is pullups and crunches and now my bod is rock-hard.

nah think of all the things we kept alive thanks to us, ya looking at it too linear, the divine picked us for a reason. We doing the best we can.