Book Club Thread

Hey we could use a book club. Anyone want to suggest some book? Please sign below.

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friend of mine wants to give me his copy of sisyphus and taking that in to consideration im not sure i want to read it

i was hoping to enjoy the talmud as an audiobook at work but audible doesnt carry it in english because they dont want goyim to know its power

isnt that just the old testament

both of them are boring

nevermind it apparently is not the old testament

i know nothing about The Jews

thats the Torah :)

you seem to know a lot about this jew stuff, guy… whats the big idea?

my book recommendation from this yr: we still shoot back by Akinyele Umoja

to fear god and do his bidding??

:pray: :godz:


Mary Shelley

(something more recent)
A Wizard of Earthsea
Ursula LeGuin

reading umberto eco and lesser known books of erlend loe

european literature hehe

Reading Bolano

I’d suggest something fun like 100 Years of Solitude by Marquez

Or a collection of Borges short stories, read 1 a day and discuss?

I like Umberto eco

Currently reading The Alchemist (Coehlo)

this book changed my pathetic life :smile:

dude the talmud is like next lvl boring save ur time

read philp k dick’s exegesis instead