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surrounding yourself with negativity is a downwards spiral. every person has inherent worth regardless of their current state. in troubled times like these we need heroes to keep the streets of nadota safe from the villains. negative posts hurt and leave a lasting impression. positive posts leave only a short burst of positivity. but, knowing that someone out there appreciates your small attempt to bring positivity to a largely negative hub like this - like hot air being exhaled from your mouth in a cold wintery night - that's what enables normal people to become heroes.

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obviously there are thousands more examples of heroism out there in nadota, attempt to fight the sad with wholesome. but im no hero - im just a mortal. i cant count them all.

but do know that next time you think of exhaling a wholesome breath of air - it is not in vain. being wholesome doesnt make you uninteresting and unfunny. you dont have to have a harsh sense of humor to fit in with your friends


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negativity is for manchildren

suck my dick

-1 for yns

case in point

i dont think your post telling jonas to kill himself was nice. i wont play the moral highground and judge you since ive had my share of treating people unfair. also i do appreciate your slapstick humor, it did make me just smile, and it does make me laugh in mafia games. obviously im not giving you a chance to "get out of your character" by talking to your transparently like that, im pushing you in a direction to reply to me with another slapstick humorous response. but thats fine. i hope that whatever's troubling you (if anything) goes away, genuinely, and its okay if you tell me to go fuck yourself fucking ■■■■■■ in response

bro I’m on one of the driest spells of my life since getting sober I’m absolutely filled with rage at all times

I haven’t had sex or dated anyone really since my gf left back to China in like November maybe

I haven’t been trying very hard so it’s like a self imposed thing

work is stressful as well I work in a very weird industry, you can go watch vice documentaries about it to understand what I do and work around and deal with

what are you waiting for

he really got into your head

not sure, just haven’t been feeling like starting a new relationship, feels like too much work

Don’t really want to just find some girl to fuck either

sounds like youre not in the worst position and theres nothing to rush. just make friends with some people that aren't deplorable moneybags and meet women through that. you might find someone way more suited to you than you would on Tinder

that's fine, it's also been more than an year since i've attempted to seriously hit on a girl and had real emotions invested. rage is very addictive as it can give you adrenaline and makes you seek it more. ive had moments where i purposely seek out political stuff that i knew would infuriate me because i wanted to get angry so i feel better. it is possible that you purposely seek out to get enraged in nadota threads to fulfill this addiction, if you can identify when that happens and stop yourself it could maybe help you

you're doing great wolfy keep up the great work

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Negativity is part of human emotion.

I don't know about you but i feel more comfortable around people that are capable of expressing the entirety of human emotion.

You and the goodvibes crew can feel free to walk into a pharmacy the next day and start working as a seratonim reuptake inhibitor at 8 o clcok sharp.