Book Club Thread

Reposting for goodness.


i got it on the docket after the mote in gods eye

That's a good one too.
Very deep.

anyone who was vaguely interested in three body problem but not enough to order the book should check this out

the books are not perfect but goddamn are they bold and wild and fun to read. and it's refreshing to read a sci-fi that incorporates modern ideas from physics into the story and not just the same version over and over of how writers thought we'd be in the future that originated in the 70s

the show is supposed to be excellent as well although i've only read the books

@insom i've been letting you off too easy time to buckle down

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Is that sun & steel my favorite alightsoul novel


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Okay Turk

You keep reading your Racist Fiction and I'll keep stacking up dubs and hitting rons

I need to learn mahjong

@bug and I are huge mahjong fans.


I see the rows of old guys playing mahjong at arcades. I realize I am now an old guy and it is what I am supposed to be playing.

And if camp of the saints or mein kampf are too heavy for you, I suggest the manga hitler biography. The author is very good.

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