Bot Feedback

post feedback about using the bot in the last two games here.

current list of issues i want to work on are here:

Additionally, I don't plan on hosting myself for quite some time. I am a bit burned out. I think I want mafia to be run differently and I can't force that on everyone. I try to write rules and people just ignore them.


I understand your frustration and apologize if I contributed to that

You’ve put great work into this thing and we appreciate it. Looking forward to continuing to improve

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I think I felt the same when we were having issues with stuff like colored text, images and videos in the thread.

People want different things from mafia and we have to adjust to that or just get frustrated trying to enforce rules that people don’t feel are central

What rules in particular was being ignored?

The bot was working great. The only (minor) nuisance was that you couldn’t write anything in the post where you lynched people.

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Yeah was really surprised it worked so well out of the gate. It just needs to have commands be case agnostic or w/e

I tried to fix it for the last day. Did it work?

It was working in the MVP game. Friend lynched me with text at the start of the post and it counted.

Is it still case-sensitive?

You could, the Lynch just couldn’t be after a newline character

Bot should be able to close thread

It’s nice having real time vote counts though and not having to scroll up to find it

that might be a bit harder. since right now its more of a response thing. I would have to integrate with lambda or something that periodically evaluates the state of the day/game.

Well we could tell the bot to lock the thread

Ban anyone who abuses it. No reason to ever accidentally lock a thread when you can check votes instantly.

It could just be a host command

Locking threads is

  1. a host thing (should be)
  2. really not even necessary to begin with. It’s just a meme dotakyle started to convince spitwad he needed mafia mod to host on the old site
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It’s pretty necessary because everyone’s retarded here and does whatever they want

Night posting gives a huge advantage

Those rules are supposed to be enforced and repeat offenders getting multiple game timeouts