Bothersom Pigs

Fucking popo wasting my time pullin up on me because i wear a mask in public. Leik we been having lots of break and enters around here and ur masked up

Fucking i didnt need that today. I hate dealing with authority


its no big deal

once you know the rules to the game play
besides do you not appreciate his efforts to actually attempt to find this house invader?

The law limits you only in visible eyes, all other accusations that are brought upon you due to suspicion or conspiracy, will be sorted accordingly. no need to be upset.

All pigs get the wall :gun2: :policeman: :gun2: :policeman: :gun2: :policeman:

Why do you hate cops?

not particularly appreciative no. A lot of the issues we are having can be solved. The people here are stupid rich, their faults for not having good enough security like in SA. People dont get that Canada is and will turn into South Africa soon. Fucking little teenage kid was murdered close to one spot i used to flip signs.

yea they murdered a 20 year old sleeping in his car in my apt complex just a few months ago. saddest shit.

when the police fail you take this mans advice

im already cleaning the fake beggars off my territory since the pigs are useless here

canada is fucked.

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yeah but that shit is routine in the states. This is Canadia, even more so Mississauga.


Mississauga and the western GTA is fucked.

soon yeah. I want out of here. My dad just got a house where Justin Beiber is from and doing his white flight thing

funny thing is when you go to condo developments in rich areas of toronto you only see whites and east asians on the advertisements for it. Kinda racialist.

Canada is 1000x better than the USA, in almost every single way except size of military (lol).

25 years ago maybe. Now, no. From my understanding if ur not a complete degenerate low IQ retard you simply get health insurance and pay for it, and you should be just fine.

Ya’ll medical stuff is 100x better then our. All rich Canadians just go to states for Dr. appointments.

My gf gets taxed 45%. Believe me if i start making money in esports im fucking off from this country. 45% tax on a TI first place to fund low iq highly fertile folks? never. Im bouncing.

But it’s FREE

its trash. Yes free. But not free. We get taxed you Free as fuck Murcian Freedom lovers simply have to opt in to being taxed if you will, by an insurance company. Furthermore, your insurance covers more shit then our free shit does.

on top of all that. Our FREE healthcare is abused by low iq degenerates who have no healthcare in their low iq countries. So when 1 persons throat is itchy the entire damn indian family will be there.

American has one of the worst fucking healthcare systems for 1st world countries what.

if you have $ its great. If you dont then yeah its garbage. As stated b4. Mot rich Canadians go to states for healthcare.