Bounty for a file

If anyone can find me pimsleur mandarin Chinese 2 and 3 to download I'll shoot you 50 bucks.

DM me I'll do venmo or PayPal

I am looking for mp3 format so I can play on my mp3 player or phone


Throw it up on a Google drive as a zip

Incase I get multiple I'll pay the first person

ok If I post the link right now will you send me $50?

do u have zelle

just sent you lessons 1 through 8. please zelle me $50

so thirsty

alright wheres my money

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That's lesson 1-8 from series 1 I'm looking for all lessons from series 2 and 3.

I already have all the lessons from series 1, I don't have zelle if you have chase I can quick pay you as well. Not sure if it works for non chase banks tho

But I ain't paying you for series 1... That's not what I was looking for lol

Oh nvm I missed the torrent you sent it looks like you might have it. I'll look at your msg and try to dl it.

gimme the drug money if yns fell short

for future reference if you cant find it rutrackers prolly got it

dude learn Cyrillic they're literally saying it has a virus in the posts below

just kidding I just want my money

You can learn it for free just as well without pimsleur

For example, the resources diplomats use for language learning are public domain
FSI courses usually have a lot of audio if that is what you are looking for in Pimsleur. FSI is just one of the many good free resources out there. If you pay anything for it, Pimsleur is a scam and just plain inefficient. You can do much better for yourself by finding the 2 or 3 free and high quality resources that suit you best.


Just make everyone else learn English fuck em

Have you tried this out for anything? Jw if you're speaking from experience. Looks interesting.

FSI courses? yeah but I mean you can just look at them and see what you think.