Bow down

Here sits your newest trust lv3 member
Pay homage trust lv2 and lv1 plebs

Why haven’t we made lbj mafia moderator yet

I should be a moderator, being one of the most active, non-biased posters I can hand out fair and impartial moderation

I think we should try benny as a moderator. It might help him mature and I think he is ready for the extra responsibility.

you guys are lucky i didnt know you existed when I was super mod…

All the moderators fucking suck


Yes mod me so I can make another bow down topic and do absolutely nothing else

iaafri am a fucking retard

Granted 14d


Granted Jul 16


Granted Jul 16

epokGate Hoyclub

Granted Jul 11


Granted May 31


Granted May 30

The moderators of Namafia

who the fuck is matticus

Its matty!

Really not sure about the choices of these mods…

Tell dan that I didn’t go onto your account.

Oh BY THE WAY I’m gonna start flagging off topic if u plebs don’t start bowing down

You’re 40 years early on whites bowing down

for the record my powers are only intended for mafia subforum purposes

and even if they weren’t I’d do fucking nothing, as I am a big fan of doing fucking nothing

hope that clears things up a bit

Also missing a mod lol

Can we mod lbj?


When will benny be a mod?