Broodstar Lives On

LOL some redditards think this is a new post.


holy shit reddit reposted something…

Hope broodstar has become an indie film director that has a hot black girlfriend with a phat ass




You gonna be broodstar’s big booty bitch?

? Do I look like a girl to you

broodstar just recently started dota again playing casually once in a while from what i heard.


he cant escape. i couldnt escape either.
dota takes your soul forever.

It was super easy to escape, I just tried playing again. How the fuck do people enjoy dota and if they do, how the fuck is it comparable quantitywise to any other form of enjoyment. I feel like id be much better off playing something more rewarding or learning a new interest if I miss the learning shit part.

There’s just a super high change in dota that I don’t have fun, the games regularly feel unwinnable and im forced to play for an hour till they fuck up or finally finish

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Cant wait to play old patches on WC3 remastered tho

lmfao he thinks people play dota for fun.

i play dota to improve myself, to struggle, to feel disappointment. And somewhere in that pain and anger, you find that dota is the embodiment of the struggle of man. Slowly refining your ever changing skills and tactics for the meaningless +25 mmr.

When i wasnt playing i felt longing, i felt wasteful. everything came too easy, i was too happy, everything seemed so gleeming and bright. so i went back to playing to torture myself, become more bitter and resentful of others incapability. And now i look to always improve in what i do.

Ask any player higher than like legend, and ask if he plays for fun. He will lie if hes trash and plans to be legend forever, but if he even in an small cell of his brain wants to improve his skill, he will tell you the truth.
it comes in stages.
" Its fun and challenging"
“Its challenging”
“I dont know why i play, i just do”
“Its difficult and torturous, i dont kno why i keep playing”
and finally
“Its torturous and stupid, i wish i didnt play, but this suffering is all i know” and
" now suffering and being mad has become fun"


Yeah no if I wanna struggle and find incremental improvement ill focus on something career oriented, I play games for fun again lol.

Also separate thing but to me the struggle of man is a silly emotive point, theembodiment of that exists in a billion other forms (pretty much anything you have to really apply yourself in) and I imagine a lot of them are worth pursuing over dota hands down.

I agree. It’s Digital Selfharm

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this is pretty accurate

it is impossible to not enjoy refpsi posts

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unless you are libtarded

There are some people that can play dota for fun but most it’s what refspi is describing

Which is basically taking your ambition and drive to improve yourself and channelling it into a video game