The blog thread started showing this back button for me recently.
Not a real issue, but it bugs me.

@Roragok it takes me back to the 9th post. It started 4-5 days ago I think.

White theme?

i suggest we force dark theme on everyone in solidarity with black lives matter



Already reported to the admins.
I think this started when the number of posts in the blog thread exceeded 32,768 (2^15.)

Blog 2 electric boogaloo time!

I foresaw this.

Counter argument: There are other things that have changed recently in terms of site load and there's no reason to believe it's specifically a blog thread issue

It's definitely not a blog thread issue

2^15 would make no sense

gonna try patching discourse. might be down for a bit.

lmk if you notice any changes. i updated the box,discourse restarted the box for good measure and refreshed the twitch access token. (i need to set up auto renewal i suspect this was the real problem)


fyi pretty sure it started happening again after the restart

curious if there are any logs

i mean the box wasnt running max maybe just some discourse quirks. is it sitll happening has seemed fine to me

Discourse sucks at handling intermittent connections. If I click reply and my connection goes in and out, it just posts multiple times, even though I only hit reply once.

Is there some kind of option to prevent posting the exact same thing multiple times in some period of time?

It's always a double post when you just click reply once. Not familiar with the discourse code base, but it seems like it could be that it saves the post as a draft while attempting to post. If the attempt to post times out/exceeds a time-period, it tries to post the saved draft. So, with an intermittent connection, the original attempt to post goes through eventually, but it took so long that the saved draft also posts when the connection is there, which is why it's the same time.

@theGreatWingdingi @Roragok @epok, you all are familiar with the discourse code. Does this seem like it might be what's causing it?

Also, this shit is such a good example of package bloat. My connection is only slightly intermittent, and other shit loads just fine, but discourse loads up so much shit they don't use because they want a couple things out of a big package, so there's crazy bloat for page loads/posts

One more thing: I get why the limit on posts in the blog was removed. But, it does fuck up pretty bad now, especially navigation on mobile (navigation box disappearing, etc). What if we had multiple blog threads, each getting locked when discourse starts to break, updating their titles to be sequential, and having the open one marked as current. Have an entire subforum in the lounge for them so they're easier to find. Cross thread quoting with the links makes it seem like it'd work, and actually make navigating/finding posts easier (similarly to how day threads in mafia are easier to read and find posts in than one long thread)

No idea tbh