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what do you guys think of the wordle acquisition?

i don't

fug 8DDDD

Expropriate and nationalize Wordle

Facebooks finally starting to go down the drain


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form a one world govt. and nationalize every industry

Not every industry. Some industries should just be flat out removed. Not private nor public. I would ban the sale of music and subsidize the lives of musicians, for example.

oh i was joking but thats a cool idea

How doth your regular rapper accumulate his rapper bling in that situation?

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capitalism is on the phone he wants to talk to u

music sales don't even really matter these days. Billboards top selling albums now includes concepts like Sell a shirt and package your music with it counts which is why it looks like sales are still okay. if there's room for dismantlement in the music industry it's specifically with record labels and their predatory tactics

I guess I'd be fine with your take if it meant people could still support on an individual basis

the free market will find a way :copium:

No it wont. Profit is completely removed from music in my kingdom.

The music itself is still quite profitable. The labels make deals with streaming services and take the lion's share of the money.

In my kingdom, all music an artist wishes to release to the public is accessible through a publicly owned streaming service and the artists' lives are subsidized no matter what their output is.

this shouldn't be taken as a serious political stance. I'm just dreaming.

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