C-span thread

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this is contributing to the too many posts issue raised in the official please do fewer posts thread

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god damnit i was looking at getting some ironic antisemitism-inspired merchandise today. you've just ruined the whole idea of doing some super ironic or meta self-mockery shit for me though, so I guess thank you for saving me money.

to be honest seeing how much reddit likes what i was looking at or the idea of that stuff doesnt make me happy either but atleast I know thats a cringe 4choomer take and that I should do my best to avoid listening to some dumbass kids


Why do you compare so much?

Smells of.. narcissism and a dead bedroom

If you're finding your idea of acceptable from an average of two websites you're going to have a hard time in real life

you shouldnt project, and not because it could be offensive and wrong of others

More because you end up writing how you really feel about things online and accidentally oversharing an embarrassing amount of info to woke geniuses who can tell when the projectors on

I shouldn't pry into your relationship but you're not having doubts about the bedroom side of it right? If you are you should be honest with yourself and realize you shouldn't project that stuff out of self-care too.

tbh a part of me thinks a part of a lot of posters who left or want to leave posting behind do so because they feel like they're sharing too much in what can be viewed as public domain, a platform that is also not as socially acceptable as like twitter. it doesn't mean everybody projects, but I would not be surprised if a good chunk of shitposty kinda people were like you but ultimately developed a sense of shame or fear that someone could read between the lines

Basically don't fuck with me idiot


I do not do an ounce of projection, and you are dumber than me.

its cute that i can tell when i get under your skin, maybe you can tell why i can tell?

why are you typing about:

it's a very random thing to type in this thread and it makes me wonder why you know what it is

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This is why I stuck around jdance, you can really learn a lot about yourself just by virtue of this weird public forum, atleast if you take how you act and what you unconsciously project and compare it to how you act elsewhere (online). And, in your case, if it really is "the same" everywhere then I hope you feel better some day and I'm sorry that you haven't had someone to talk to about your feelings

my Empathetic badge and title may have been automatically granted to me, but damnit I worked for this shit