Carbon 14 Graveyard

Graveyard chat

nice job ntye

You’re welcome. Nice job on the sub in.

yeah what can i say i do what i can

blame something external and totally out of our control instead of somethin u did lmfao

you didnt even try to like, question me? you just started saying you were sure it was me


i cant believe you bought gwez's play

that was the most surprising thing

and then you locked in murs LMAO

he played absolutely like a first game playher would without a daychat

I mean you’re the reason I locked him in

but it seemed obvious to me that at eod it should be obvious what mafia were doing

aka voting murs

i played like town would

i had hoped that information would be more black and white than literally randomly lynching

youll see that others agree lmao

no you played completely out of your recent style

when you’re town you play extremely scummy and you played extremely proactive like you have, in my experiences, as scum

like day one heavy posting with heavy pushing from dan? Lol ok maybe when iaafr is in the game do you post so much.