Carbon 14 Graveyard

But no joke at the end of the day I was hoping it was quite clear that murs was in fact town. I just didn’t think they would have me killed because I was going to look very suspicious the next day. It’s fine, it’s the smarter play.

okay i suppose those are some good points

i was only pushing so hard for gwez because i thought he was scummy as fuck for how he flip flopped on me

murs just happened to get subbed in thev ery moment i wouldve pointed it out

i chose not to say anyting lol

bazingas probably more at fault imo lol

I think this game is interesting but a little too long for how small the set up is. I’d be interested to play this in a faster scenario.

Yeah next time we run a micro we can do dis 1

Can ya add faz

I would but ur the hostie

This is interesting ag bar play

He towntold and kyles response to him looks really bad cuz im sure Kyle knows the setup

Must be Kyle gwez

Yeah but I’m saying .... like he is going on about this setup. How do you not fucking read Ian even posted about the setup mechanics being particular.

Like I can’t even

There are 6 people alive *currently

he has to be lying dude


Am I mistaken here I thought we had at least 7 players

last few games without me were pretty painful to read