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I played speed with my grandmother before she died

I miss her

Big fan of spades and canasta.

Spades is probably one of the few games both my families play. What a great game.

My family just plays a shit load of durak+variants

Watching artifact

Yes thats what I was watching

when this release im play mono red aggro until im top 200 on the ladder :slight_smile:

I’m getting a beta key for this soon I will tell you how it is.

A beta key? Hehhehheh… figures.

I heard those sell for 300 dollars

I may just give it away.

You should play it and tell us your thoughts

Can I have the $300?

I’ll give you 25 dollars for it.

I’m going to play a control blue deck exlusivly to thundergods wrath and conflag their heroes down

artifact looks awful