Carnie Post Game

Maybe, though I guess it's my playstyle where I push for a thunderdome "them or me" thing that usually ends with me mislynched after it they flip town

I think there's merit to putting a scum in early I just had poor play/abscence on day 3 and kinda lost the game for my team in that regard. I definitely came off a bit too TMI looking back but I don't think I had any huge mistakes early

Is it just me or back on the old site you could still post in the mafia subforum while banned? We definitely could have played better at least myself but the disruption definitely didn't help.

Imo mafia games shouldn't be affected by drama on the site unless someone is being really vile

Eh, I think your day 1/2 only looked really scummy in retrospect on day 4, and mostly because of how sdad posted about you. I think the day 3 lynch on scum pretty much sealed it for town

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You were backed into a wall day 4 from townreading scsf hard previously, so you had to push on me. It may have been better to do a whole new set of 3 for day 4, idk. That's hard to think about: I think keeping the same noms that didn't die is probably the best play

Also I sympathize with the low activity posters on day 1. Being absent from the site for 12+ hours and not knowing the game fired only to come into 200+ posts can make it hard develop reads organically. Obviously you want everyone to be active but what time frame should players have to compose an opener before some people have 40+ posts?

I'm just pissed that multiple actual town said that actually doing full isos with commentary was annoying and that they didn't read them. Smfh

Yea I think day 3 was our day to go after you but we all know how that day went.

Yeah, idk what happened with day 3 being low activity. I really wanted to push sdad more cause I had him dead to rights. I honestly wouldn't have sussed you if you went for scsf day 4, because I doubt anyone would've pointed out you'd townread him and I had forgotten

@sdadasdas I want to gloat!

You played well, but I think we were generally fine with me getting lynched

Yeah, the game becoming completely inactive screwed y'all. I also think this set-up is super town sided if there's a scum lunch in day 1-3

@iaafr can you elaborate on why you TR me this game

i thought it was impressive that you got that read on me despite me being more inactive and less like i was in the past as town, and im pretty sure ive been scumread for the same reasons here

He was scum lol

He was scum lol

oh lmfao

okay that explains it

oh thats why he self-lynched. i feel like he couldve lasted longer

i agree with u (ewiz) about how they went about doing noms but i feel like it's a tough situation to be in as scum. putting me up multiple days in a row would be problematic if it ended up helping build some credibility around me instead of the opposite

I was going to go for him last day. I threw out an hbotz lynch and such to see what other people would do (sheep, go their own way, etc) in case I was wrong

Yeah i'm not sure what was with the 2nd nominations - SCSF was most TRd and ewiz was pretty much cleared from his interactions with sdsasddasdaasd - that left Osiris the only choice to kill.

Also iaafr gave himself away when he was too compliant with what I was saying about sdad. A red flip on sdad confirmed him as scum basically.

i was so busy and still dealing with mod mishaps around that time that when sdad got lynched it took me until the next day to realize that he was scum because lbj's eod message was bolded but not red