Carnival of Horrors Mafia Day 3

The Carnival Continues!

Day 3 is upon us. The Ringleader has decided to rethink how to go about recruiting the audience. So today, it will just be the regular performers. One would think that after two consecutive days of similar acts, the show would get a bit boring. But alas, the ringleader's retinue continues to evoke wonder and awe. One portion of the crowd is clearly here to enjoy the real live deaths happening right in front of them. The other seems to be watching to find out just how long this will continue before the authorities show up. And yet a third group seems to be.... trying to instigate?

Regardless of your reason for coming, the Carnival of Horrors is sure to provide amazement and dread in equal parts. Stay safe out there.

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osiris, SCSF, hbotz, epok, fuck_asoul, SuPA, ersu, iaafr, sdadasdas,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


The Carnival Begins!

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Day ends 2020-07-15T02:00:00Z.

@mafiabot lynch @sdadasdas

I don't think the flip yesterday changes anything.

yeah of course it doesn't you absolute scummy shit

@mafiabot lynch @electrowizard

How would it change anything?

You said it yourself: all 3 are likely town. I said it could go either way, but if any were scum, it would've been magic

not saying it changes anything in regards to me. also i'm town, so if you want to avoid lynching town for the third time in a row you'd better find someone else

@iaafr care to explain this now?

i mean that was pretty much it

i was observing and for most of the day, and still now, ive considered you towny and sdad scummy

i didnt see the point of openly talking about it before this phase

Also, anyone else get a scummy vibe from this post?

thought that was towny but thats just me

@mafiabot lynch @iaafr

You get one chance at redemption ewiz

so gonna talk about the worlds ive been thinking about

i think sdad scum / hbotz town is the most likely combination of their alignments

i dont think ive ever seen scum hard defend a teammate on this site

the way sdad kept townreading everything hbotz did is most likely indicative of TMI, and far less likely a partner defense imo

at moments when ive thought sdad town, i think he just has to be wrong on hbotz and stupidly stubborn about it for some reason

i have trouble seeing ewiz scum with this level of fire because i dont remember him being this domineering of a scum player but i suppose its vaguely possible

honestly not really, i kind of felt the same way

so yeah im always lynching into hbotz or sdad today, period