Carry Roragok

Someone carry me. 15 Wong’s per win.

what mmr

unfortunately for you the best active player on the site is probably nmagame

that’s right, nmagane average 15.62 deaths per game over the last 3 months.

Why are there so many Single Draft games? Does he only like to play Single Draft?



I can do 5 games for mod on the site

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Normal skill lol


how do i see my mmr

i dont think you can see it from dotabuff they just give you some bullshit dotabuff ranking thing still

You can edit your profile in the dota client and look at the dropdown option for displaying ur MMR

dang ur pro winrates way better than mine

your mmr is like 3.7k if those are all solo games

was that even a question? your talking to a dignitas slayer

sounds about right im terrible

Don’t forget you’re also a selfless teamate and an ixmichael slayer