Catholic Church pedo expose

came out v recently

Dont forget to vote for in my religion polls

what the FUCK am i supposed to do with this

So glad Christianity shares my same beliefs



Destroy Catholicism

The abuse in the residential schools of Canada was very disturbing.

the Church would cycle the worst predators into the northern schools because the indigenous kids were further from their families and generally more vulnerable. went to a truth and reconciliation commission hearing when it came through our city and victims of the residential school system spoke about their experiences in the schools. the testimony was really devastating.

This kind of shit happens in the states too

diocese of pittsburgh has like 216 priests so 99 is a pretty big number lol

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Why… pardon me for starting a Real Conversation… do you think this happens?

As a good christian this is of course … bad

I’ll be honest this probably boils down to Fake Apostle Paul - well, aside from the obvious apple grief by Eve…

I think it has less to do with celibacy and shit like that and more to do with the fact that this is a well documented phenomenon which obviously has the priests thinking about this all the time

then of course its just the typical degenerate hedonism of anyone who doesn’t have to work hard enough for their sustinence

I feel like the priesthood was, in the past, a place where people with what was then deemed “deviant behavior”, could integrate into society. Ordained priests interact with children a lot, whether it be ministry or education, so it would make sense that a pedophile would try to get ordained for that exposure.

It’s not dissimilar to gay/lesbian people in the past joining monasteries/convents so they could live accepted lives in all-male or all-female housing, and pursue passions otherwise deemed unseemly for their sex.

this is nice thank you

Priests, teachers, and doctors/dentists are professions that get busted for child predatory behavior at a very high rate. I think it has less to do with being a teacher, priest, or pediatrician and more to do with being a pedophile, though.

Pedo virus or pedo gene?

ill be honest i think baptism, confirmation and being in church what so ever should be for adults only and this is not for some dumb secular reason but rather for good hygiene

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