CBD too high now

Be carfule everyone weed is going to make you crazy.

I wish i could find cess.

Oh dear. Are you gonna be okay?


I agree man

Weed is for fucking retards

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I read a story about how an ex air force guy from the states comitted suicide from weed. Everyrhing hes been saying is true.

That shit is getting retarded strong and addictive.

I week+ ago i went to my local pot shop and there was this jamaican guy stealing customers and selling shit outside of the place. I had his stuff it felt like chemichals and super strong. Mind you pot shops usually carry lower grade shit too.

Dude stop smoking weed it’s for losers

It was probably laced with speed. You're addicted


My cousin had a dealer unknowingly sell him amphetamine laced weed for maybe 3 months and he lost 20 lbs or something from not being able to eat

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I don’t think pot itself is addictive unless you have self control issues then anything and everything can become a rut

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Unfortunately my self control issues have all but been solved: I can’t even bring myself to do physical activity

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It would be very cool to be an expat in Kosovo or something or maybe live in pristina

you cant say its not addictive anymore. Its too strong

wish i had that

I think it’s what you had lol

That or you haven’t had BC bud in the past 10 years

i thought it was bad because i woke up the next day and i felt like i was hung over from booze

it fucks with ur sleep

smoking weed is the worst u fucking stoner faggots