CBD too high now

get a life that doesn't revolve around bong rips and shoegaze

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And what would you reccomend oh wise one?

I will say though. If i smoke daily i do get paranoid. But if its a week or so inbetween its not bad.

Take long walks out in nature

Im lazy af is the problem


this can help you stay away. god speed

Id rather not be a cannibal, Thank you.

Nuh uh, I respect the police

No im doing good. I was down to one 7.1% beer a night. But th. I finally got enough $ together for my taxes and relapsed for a couple days. Im on day 3 now. Just had one 10% beer last night. Plan on the same tonight.

Back off, bucko. You're bad.

Offer me free weed again and I will use my taser on you.

I've been smoking weed since 15 years old. Let me tell you guys the truth.

Anyone who says weed is a non issue cannot see his life from the outside in, I admit it. Weed has a number of issues, your enjoyment, your understanding and your perception of things all alter under the effect of the drug. While this is obvious for all drugs, weed is the only one who gives you the illusion of never truly being negative. With no observable withdrawal, no heavy hang over, no big itch to smoke again, weed sits in the background of your mind and you never truly think about it till its next time to smoke.

Weed was never an issue for me and that was where i realized the issue began. I started to question whether i would have done that while high, if i was better while high, if my life was better while high. I thought hey this stuff improves my life why not? So kept smoking for years and years and i still smoke today. I dont think I'll ever quit, even when i took a whole year off of smoking, i had known i would go back to it.

Now i've slowly come to realize, my life has always been better when i'm enjoying the herbal. There is no reason to stop, no reason not to be under the elevated state. This is when people usually start smoking every day, they sink a ton of money into it, go day by day, with no restraint they dont see possibilities. They dont see a life without it. In fact they accepted that they are better with it.

I'm afraid to accept that i am better with a brain altering chemical. At the peak of my dota skills i would get high all the time. I would play better while high. Have more fun while high, and feel like i had more time while high.

It is because it brings me joy is the same reason i would never recommend weed to anyone. Once you start, life without it is wack.

I will smoke weed forever, i dont want to quit, there is no reason to, I wont do it often but i will do it.

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You’re a degenerate drug addict just quit now.

There is no excuse for degeneracy. What’s next from you refpsi are you going to admit to race mixing?

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yes. Forgive me.

I smoked weed once, now i'm sucking penis to buy gram bags. stay away from the jazz cabbage!

Moderation, like with most things, is key. People are affected by it differently and have varying levels of tolerance. I like to use it to expand my mind, relax, and enhance experiences. Sativa over indica for getting shit done. I think cannabis can be habit forming like anything, but I don't think it's the primary issue when it becomes abused. In my observations, I've concluded people look to escape the reality of their situations for various reasons. This can be with alcohol, cannabis, video games, food, or anything really. I think the common thread people have with problematic addictions is spending more time escaping reality to the point where it interferes with their ability to participate, and be a productive member in society- whatever that means. Addicts harbor a pain they seek relief from. Their addiction is usually the path of least resistance towards that relief.

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Just drink craft beer if you cant handle it bros

  • Not illegal
  • Tasty and lots of different flavors!