CBD too high now

weed isn't addictive in the sense that you don't get physical withdrawl symptoms but you certainly can get mental ones and i've had many times when i was a heavy smoker when i would run out of weed and be absolutely miserable

trying to say it's just the same as coffee in that way is dishonest, weed is more addictive than coffee, less so than cigarettes or harder drugs, it's somewhere in the middle

Physical withdrawals are a thing.

i used to get rly bad physical withdrawals but the more recent times i quit, the lack of appetite and insomnia havent rly been issues at all

so either my brains so used to being on and off weed getting off weed doesnt do anything anymore

or just my habit recently hasnt been heavy enough to rly get the worst of the physical withdrawal shit

the vivid dream shit still happens tho

i got hooked on weed when i was younger because my nerves got shot from gaming and it allowed me to play another 3 hours without pain

i get physical withdrawals. Well unless sweating like crazy when trying to sleep, and being unable to sleep for the first little while of not having it is considered physical

i had an awful time sleeping last night with the vivid dreams people chasing me the entire night it felt like

U guys are cancer degens

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I admit to my degeneracy and disgrace, i would never influence others to sub come to it. I dont recommend weed for anyone and i've put 0 people on.

It makes no difference, you contribute to the degeneracy no matter how much you try to justify or distance yourself from it. Strange how you can acknowledge it is degenerate behavior but you choose not to change it. It’s weak willed behavior


i think getting a stable job, finding meaningful hobbies and contributing to the society is old-fashioned degeneracy

just light it up, get high, do you :smile:

stonerslacker take alert weeeeeeeeooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooo

How is any of that degenerate behavior

iT coNtRiBuTeS tO oPpResSiVe aNd dEhUmaNizIng iNcUmbEnT sYsTeMs

U guys are boomers smoking weed and doing drugs in the 21st century it’s not 1968 put the joint and psychedelics away grandpa

Sobriety is the new counter culture

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im p straight edge other than the ketamine

There is zero difference between pursuing poor behaviour while acknowledgeing or not. Actually everyone acknowledges it, the ones that don't admit to acknowledgeing it just have too big of an ego to admit they're weak.

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you are correct, i am imperfect. Lord forgive me.

Allah truly will smite us for smoking the devil's lettuce, hence the name. Inshallah brothers

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You can be imperfect but you must attempt to better yourself. Quit smoking weed now, it will rot your brain. If you continue smoking weed by the time you’re 30 you’ll believe in mixed race marriages and open borders. The jew wants you to smoke weed.