circumcision thread

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Anyone with experience with both types of dick please chime in. I am very curious

what do you want me to say

Pros and cons of each.

I have read hundreds of threads on the topic and talked to many grills

Pros: allegedly lowers chances of many diseases
Don’t have to clean
American women generally prefer cut
Last longer

Cons: potentially traumatic for infants
Allegedly Lowers sensitivity
Non-Americans think it’s weird
Lubricates less easily

The AAP suggests it but euro pediatricians don’t

I want to be upset that my dick was clipped but at the same time I am happy to hear my dick is cleaner

Either/or doesn’t really matter. Circs lose sensitivity, which IMO isn’t a bad deal, plus I will never be witness to the pain it supposedly caused me as an infant since my brain was soup then and I can’t remember any of it.

If I were uncircumcised I would have been circumcised at a later date due to phimosis.

My personal conclusion is it probably doesn’t matter much either way but we should probably stop doing it bc it seems like a weird violation of consent

The Pros here are somewhat unreliable because the water’s been muddied by religious groups

There is reliable research that suggests the trauma of having your dick snipped has noticeable effects on the development of the newborn brain

why would loss of sensitivity not be a bad deal?

also con: babies cant consent to cosmetic surgery

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yea i added that in my second post why I don’t support it

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I had that in the list but it sounds difficult to measure to me. I’d have to read the literature myself which I haven’t. The muddled waters for the pros are definitely true as far as the disease part goes but the cleanliness part seems self evident. The WHO and CDC agree it lowers the risk of HIV transmission tho. Could be some weird plot to circumcise Africa but sounds unlikely

I seriously don’t think that’s the case- the amount of and diversity within the circumcised has no hinge on the procedure

As for loss of sensitivity - I never have to worry about premature ejaculation which is the butt of every masculinity joke from 1980-2009 or whenever soyboys took center stage for that shit

FWIW the literature also says it doesn’t effect sensitivity but i don’t think that can possibly be true since you’re destroying nerve cells.

I think they’re speaking from comparative sensitivity, which makes sense since you have no gauge on that because the procedure predates you even Contemplating your dick

I believe they ask people who were circumcised as adults

If you are cut, google smegma or dick-cheese for more info.