circumcision thread

If you’re uncut you have problems with premature ejaculation. Me? I’m cut and go until my girl is done

you uncut pussies nut on the first stroke

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delete this

I guess if you don’t know how to pleasure a woman I could see how that could be a problem

everyone wanna fuck with aesthetics and shit but when it comes to dicks looking like actual penises or Mongolian bull worms everyone wanna talk about “it’s not right to do that to kids they don’t have a choice!!” fuck off with your weird sock penis

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How is the unit with the top chopped off the “real penis?” You’re clearly just insecure about your mangled man-meats. You keep pounding away, telling yourself things like “I go until my girl is done,” but in your heart you know she’ll change teams the instant she gets acquainted with the real, unaltered article.

foreplay is the key. kiss her thights and her collar bones.

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if you cant take 5 seconds in the shower to clean your dick then you dont deserve to have one

but hey goyims gonna goy…

neck, nibble ears, stomach area right above waist too

americans pretending to be christian buy they’ve clearly never read paul or the other apostles lol

follow jewish law!!! jesus was a GREAT fan of jewish law!!!

its akshually verboten in catholicism lol

circumcision falls under amputation and mutilation yeah right my cut dicks so pretty now

really ih ave a problem cumming right now so idk how rubbing the tip against cloth all day is supposed to be better

maybe americans just have low stamina by nature and require this procedure to be somewhat functioning sexually?

the part about cleanliness is the funniest part like hows rubbing ur dick tip against hair and sweaty underwear supposed to make it cleaner lmfao fucking animals

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then again some of you seem to wear skirts for boxers so idk what the fuck that is about

anyone else here hate kaptenrobert

hes just europosting theyre extremely passionate about this issue for some reason