clothing thread

need clothes preferably sweaters with simple patterns on them for cheap please link stuff was thinking about getting this but its kinda expensive

You know you just missed labor day sales right?

Go to TJMaxx and Nordstrom rack if you’re a broke ass bitch bitch bitch.

was thinking about going to uniqlo thoughts on that

We don’t have that hip shit on the east coast

i live in maryland dude theres one walking distance from me

Are you really gonna shop at a Jap store?

I’ll rephrase, we don’t have them in the SOUTH.

I went to one with my brother while I was in California. Just seems like a nicer H&M or some shit. I dunno I’m not hip and happening. Their prices for clothing seems low, but again if you’re paying for cheap shit don’t expect it to be nice quality or long lasting.

Don’t get this. It’s boring and kinda ugly and nobody would pay that much money for it if it wasn’t Patagonia.

Go to tjmax or h&m and save yourself some money and still look good

Although if you’re insisting on Patagonia, their synchilla is amongst the best fleeces ever made

wear crewneck sweatshirts and skinny pants/jeans

H&M is great if u wanna ball on a budget
Target too tbh

if ur small and not too fat uniqlo and muji are ok

In college, first impressions are everything. That first week is extremely important: Pick a color you like and pack 5 to 7 unique outfits of the same shade to cement your “brand”. People will meet you and you will be readily identifiable from your unique hue. When someone approaches you and asks why you wear the same 3 chartreuse sweatshirts every week tell them a guy on a videogame forum said it would help you make friends


Ye cultivating your brand is important it’s why people often remember the athletes or the always very nicely dressed

I would say go slim not skinny
Unless you’re trying to pick up dudes, then go skinny by all means.

It’s true people remember me for dressing nicely