Clown Nine Plus Plus - Day 2

The corpse of @Jerrymyboy the Innocent Child was found.

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Day 2 will last until 2019-03-09T12:00:00Z

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i guess agubar may be town after all xd

who slayed our child thats a war crime

Based on what?

i’m guessing cause he was tunneling gamut all last day

There was really not many options available outside of gamut yesterday based kyle.

Also gamut was only nilla mafia. Least valuable and most likely to be bused by other mafia to look towny.

Seems fair, then I guess agubar could still be fair game? though he was pushing him really early so that would have been stupid

Based on everything that has happened yesterday without reading i think bazig is scum.

Based on everything that has happened yesterday with reading i think faZ is scum.

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based on everything that has happened yesterday your are 2nd likely scum.

Then nyte or krazykat could very well be other mafia.

Everyone else I actually think is town at this point after rereading.

klaze you were soft AF yesterday. you reminding me of how I play when I am scum.

you were even mad at gamut yesterday saying he is one of the worst scum players you know.

@mafiabot lynch @bazingaboy

yesterday when gamut flipped I automatically thought one of the players pushing gamut had to bus. (kyle, dan, abu).

But after rereading none of it just added up to be a bus. Also just deeply rereading the 3 2nd time around just doesnt give me really mafia vibe from any of them.

Ian jumped on gamut pretty lightheartedly, it was something towny about how he did it. and it was so early in the wagon it wasnt a “bus” like vote, nor did he every jumped off.

so Kyle, Dan are pretty solid TRs for me
ian and abu are town leans.

Is it confirmed that there is SK? is it 2 mafia 1 sk or 3 mafia?

1 night kill could mean few things, a doc save on one of the hits or both sk and mafia hit jerry.

Why are you not mentioning that I was among the first players to push Gamut? Seems like you’re pushing a narrative (forced-townreads on active players), and the only reason why I’m not in there is that I’m pushing you right now. “He scumreads me so he must be scum” logic is not something I would expect you to follow EVER as town.

You pushing on me literally has nothing to do with why I scum read you?

I simply just TR the 4 players.

I think baz is scum for sure.
I think you are likely scum because of how soft you are playing and not really digging into things just a surface probing

or mafia could just be in one of the inactives.

Also your push on Gamut felt nothing like Kyle’s push, Dan’s Push, Ian’s push, even Abu’s push on gamut. and I was really looking if it was a bus or not.

I ll go and reread “your push” on gamut.

slowdive is interesting I have mixed reviews on him