Clown Nine Plus Plus - Day 5

@bazingaboy the 1-shot cop was killed

Alive Players


Day 5 Start

Day 5 will last until majority vote.

Who is with me and who is against me

@SOPHIE please link me talking about an SK early in the game

I thought this setup was VTs vs goons at first lol

I think that’s one of the first posts I made

Implying the setup would be better as millers vs goons

why shouldnt i lynch you rn lol

can you make me a compelling case for nyte? thats like the only way im not gonna flip you

Why would you

you are a great candidate for SK

No I think nytes town except for how she wanted to Lynch town every day forever but I guess that’s not an sk thing idk if sk joints with mafia like that


I voted mafia every day except yesterday why would I protown like that as sk…

quiet first couple days to avoid pressure. then youre overactive towards the end in an effort to convince town that you’re with em all along, but thats easy when youre sk and theres a mafia threat.

you mentioned SK super early, i think even positing that there could be one? before any town member would give a shit, because theres 3 scum and 1 sk, its just a lot easier to hunt scum.

youve been trying to get me to pocket you this whole time

I will repeat myself epok

Are you with me or are you against me

Guarantee I didn’t mention sk before someone else made me think about SK

why wouldnt you? im not sure why you flipped klaze, maybe you thought he wasnt the last 1, or you thought that you made a convincing case for Today to flip him to say “hey i was Super against mafia all along :) why would i need to nk lol”

Still haven’t looked at the setup the one time I remember clicking the link it said something about vanilla town vs vanilla mafia so I thought that was the setup. Again verifiable by my Miller post. I am confirmed town

Killing klaze was retarded and I said so

Either you are retarded or nyte is retarded or one of you thinks the other thinks I’m retarded