WHAT GAME: quakeworld tdm/ffa/whatever

WHERE: we will check in and use voice on the namafia discord (this link shouldnt expire) // game server will probably be central US (tx/chicago?) unless enough ppl want to play east/west

WHEN: sat. oct 20, 7 PM cst* (subject to change)

MAPS: dm2/dm3/e1m2 + cmt3/cmt4 (taking suggestions!)

here’s the easiest client install. if anyone needs a config i have one i spent around an hour setting up, otherwise i know there are a bunch online (and there are some pro configs from nquake download). almost any pc should be able to run this game at 200+ fps

if you think you can make it next sat leave a post in this thread


looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

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part of a 7 video series (mainly focused on dueling but still useful, especially 1st vid if you have NOT played any quake)

@damir @Nmagane @SOPHIE @q0q15

also if anyone feels like helping me set up anything for these games i would be glad for it

Do I need to sign up or just show up?
Can I invite a nerd who isn’t part of this community?

i’ll consider this post a sign-up, try to be on the namafia discord in the original post like 15 or 30 minutes before we start as a “check in” so we can see how many ppl we have and get teams and whatever else situated.

and for the second question i dont see why not, it’d be best if he wasnt an ultra-pro who will destroy us all but i obviously cant vouch based on that!

if for some reason there is the question of whether your friend gets to sit in a game taking a spot from an nadota native, community members will get a game slot first

I don’t think signups are really necessary just set up a server and whoever wants to join can just hop in

not really signups i just want to use the thread to gauge how many people might be showing up, and i obv won’t disqualify anyone from playing if they dont post

yeah was just Talking to Ersu

i can set up servers

also all of u guys fucking suck at this game compared to me

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yeah pretty big chance u are correct on this one

This is not NAQuake…

A community game night dota inhouse would be the most Miserable thing imaginable I think.

Last game with numeta was good

Going to sleep now.

Im going to the dentist 16:45

Why go to the dentist if your teeth arent broken?

To male sure they dont break