~~community game night number ONE~~

go sign up : )


9 (NINE)*** day reminder/shill, games weekend after this

go post in the original thread if you plan on showing up

It’s not the 20th anymore? Or both are happening

i’m really dumb

I thought it was this weekend for some reason. Must have smoked my breakfast.

so did i and im the one who set it up :pepecool:

You know you guys can play games on any weekend it doesn’t have to be a big thing


The only problem is people post things like “argh I have to go to bed” when you’re trying to play

make this east coast timezone friendly and you might get more people
also is there a discord i want to come harass some people with my presence
ALSO, after browsing I’ve found @theGreatWingdingi’s posts to be the only ones i find normal to read… isn’t that something

It’s bait so I can reel you in and then look at your LinkedIn

ya i don’t know if i’ve ever met anyone who actually uses that -_-

i’ve changed the start time to 7 cst @kittens

and the discord is linked in the original thread that i made, though it’s quite inactive at the moment

that’s fine i think i open discord once a week tbh :x

Ewiz and Dan use it :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

In this area for my line of work, it’s pretty much mandated that you have a LinkedIn. I get recruiters contacting me through it all the time

That’s what the website is for. Nice boast but unfortunately everybody on the site is getting spammed by recruiters because that’s what they do all day

Nick j checkers (fake LinkedIn profile created to make fun of j from the old site) gets spammed by people that want to talk to him about his cutting-edge icon implementations