unless the game got some major improvements since I last played it (like 2014-2015) it’s complete unplayable trash.

I don’t want to make the thread because I don’t want to organize it solo - I’m literally hosting a Reflex arena newbie tournament today and i’ve been organizing it for 2 weeks. If someone wants to take the lead (trust me it’s hard to get people to just log in at the same time and play some games) again, I will gladly help!

I said that I’m with you. I could make the thread if you’re busy though, I didn’t realize.

that’s totally fine. we’ll figure out servers and game keys/clients later.

also for anyone who wants to watch me pwn today

I agree that tabletop sim was unplayable when i last looked at it

Tried to play chess but their version of chess didn’t have any of the rules it was just a bunch of tables with checkerboards and a bunch of chess pieces laying about

Then the people that would go in there wouldn’t even be there to play the game so you would have to pick up each piece individually from the floor and put it in the right place (some were missing because the other board decided they wanted extra knights or something) and then the first guy to come along just knocks the thing over

In summary it sucks

oh yeah it’s not crashy unoptimized garbage anymore and there is a lot more in the workshop as well. still pretty dead game but i attribute that to exactly the time youre describing lol. it would work fine for some community nights so long as everyone had a copy

I believe it would be 10 times better if it scrapped the “sim” part and just made the boardgames online-friendly with regular UI’s

Not disagreeing but its still the best almost free alternative considering you don’t gotta pay for shit within tts unless you’re a host and you wanna play one of the 3 dlC games

Plus host can spawn a iPad and then its like real life where people forget theyre playing something and they’re just trying to play funny shit on youtube

@anon31000304 are we doing another one of these?


i want to

want to help me :^)

How tho?

have you ever organized something like a party or a protest or a game night

its just like that but with more typing and less people showing up

Sure I’ve organized a couple of game nights. What game are we playing?

I think the next one should be tf2 who’s with me

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