Warcraft 3 Game Night

When are you guys free to play?

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Most days

Dont have time sorry

most evenings


What do you guys play?

Anything? We’re still just trying to settle on a time where we can have the most people.

Prob gonna be too hard to find a time for everyone to meet but if I’m free you can msg me on steam

Just post what time you think is best here dude what the fuck. Friday night, saturday night, Friday Afternoon? Sunday Morning?

Evenings PST for me


If everyone who wants to play posts what times they are free I will use an algorithm to calculate the optimal time - otherwise we’ll just play in some random weekend night.

Every day from 20:00 EST (2:00 CET)

I’m not free any time to play wc3

we talking custom games or like actual WC3?

What the fuck?

What would you like to play?

I need a tft account but would like to play.

I can play evenings sunday-wednesday

pokemaul obviously .