We out here, post your confessions i'll start.

I've been meticulously doing things to relive my trauma to see if it would hurt me as bad, and it doesn't through that i have known i grew.

Anyone have a list of thread rules?

Thats why you pretty when you cry. bitch ass ■■■■■ i cry too.

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I want to fuck so bad.

I enjoyed getting yelled at by nmagane when i played worse than usual in dota. he's far more entertaining than the others

I sometimes drink the leftover vinegar at the bottom of a finished salad

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"Salad water" is served in some restaurants here, it's basically that.

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My pallet loves sour taste I guess. always been a green apple/grape guy

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cucumber salad with vinegar :yum:



I sometimes drink the juice left over after draining salmon in a can.

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I once did a thing that forced an asshole driver of some midget car tailgating me to crash into a parked semi.
Checked the next day to see if he got decapitated. He didn't. No regrets.



We all are capable of doing very cruel things. next time dont harbor so much resentment, we can ruin each others lives if we want to. never for that.

I feel many times that im going to live long enough to lose everything i love... it has happened to me time and time again... but it is my battle, my fight, my growth, i am not afraid.

they think its funny till they feel my pain, and my resolve is madness, a madness they are incapable of, and through that madness i get through, embrace it and you will see what i see. Without my resolve, they couldnt handle a drop of my pain.

Got a shorty coming over might go down fighting on my sword and shield boys.

you already surrendered the battle is over