COVID-19 isn’t real

Does anybody actually believe in this spicy flu?

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yea i really think this thread should be closed


shut up loser

4 family members got it and now 2 have what appears to be permanent lung damage. My sister loses breath from just talking now.

My brother had it early on and was out of commission for almost 3 weeks. He made a full recovery but it still fucked him up pretty bad.

should i delete this shit? i genuinely think this sort of shit is extremely disgusting considering the climate of life.

I'd agree, but then the principle applies to a lot of the numeta/refpsi shit for the same exact reason so up to y'all what precedent to set

Go home loser

maybe that stuff isn't as relevant though? I mean not including the trumpspew I just don't know ifthis threads content is really that related

i am super right wing forum mod tho...let it all fly if it's someone being earnest but ignorant and just call em what they are -- people being idiots

i'm sorry to hear that

I mean, the way I see it the justification would be it's a deliberate misinformation campaign (with the add-on of a political agenda) or that it's offensive to those that have or are close to those that have suffered from COVID, which directly apply to stuff like the holocaust denial, but maybe I'm missing the justification you'd use

Same shit with Numeta's race realism and "crime stats" justifying racism, his spread of provably false propaganda, asoul's continuous linking of proven lies about protests (notably, the out of state stuff he clings to so much), his denial of police violence, etc.

Not taking a stance on the removal of that stuff, but the justification for removing this would have to be very well crafted to not lump all of that in for removal too

honestly that is a really great point I have not thought a lot about. disinformation campaigns or whatever are certainly real, at least real enough for me to say that I can't pin all this shit on the ineptitude of our conspiracy posters alone.

Honestly most of my thinking about this was impacted like ages ago when we had that refpsi nazi thing happen and iaafr made the point that like (and I'm def paraphrasing here) people aren't really going to be swayed towards believing it unless they're dumb, and if that is the case they would've fallen for this kinda rhetoric somewhere else. or like if they are that incompetent then whatever I do won't be good enough, delete the posts and they'll accuse me of hiding the truth, being ignorant like the rest of the nonwokies, whatever and never actually change how they think. That's why I tend to fall back on letting others address that shit instead of using power against it, I think identifying misinformation and calling out misinformed posters is at least more impactful than silencing people when everyone already knows that they're misled. or so I thought, but the online campaigns highlight something else I haven't thought about.

we aren't pointing out that they're getting information from disinformation campaigns, and it's really hard to substantiate those claims in the first place, so can we even take that route?

i mean racism works two ways.

Racism is either instinctive meaning you are born naturally favoring your own kind and those who look a like. I suppose going against this goes against natural law if its built into you?
Or racism is learned because of lfie experiences or those around you have taught you

Now if racism is learned arent those facts relative to why someone might learn that type of behavior or have that behavior? I mean idk, if im racist or not but you cant really deny that maybe like 2 black women got raped by a white man this year while a couple of thousands white women get raped by blacks a year. I mean if I was white I'd prob wanna protect my women and my people. and it seems that blacks cant help but attack white people and openly display their hatred for them, i mean i just to go twitter, search white people and black tweeters seem to hate them.

i just go by observation, i cant say numeta's stance but im hispanic. I dont view racism as wrong or evil. I also think its a blanket term because its very hard to prove that you are not once you get accused, its also impossible to prove someone is once they have all these stats and statistics on their side that kind of prove there is a cultural and behavioral link to the actions of certain races and people. I mean spanish people speak spanish. So idk.

i also cant understand why all these protestors and blm marchers are usually white? I see it all the time even in NYC. its almost like white people have some innate inner sympathy toward minorities that is not reflected back.

Yeah it is super situational but I would say that there's one easy distinction to make between say "race realist" posting, and asouls misleading protest posting. the first is something that has been thoroughly debunked and easy to point out so it's easy to let itself resolve, The second isn't (at least timeliness wise it's still not thoroughly known why it is wrong to most) but using admin powers leads to less resolution in that scenario to me, like nobody's opinion will change or be correctly adjusted for the better. I feel like disinformation campaign posting is somewhere in-between those two, it's more obviously off base than saying "protestors are problematic" but still something that can't be simply helped with a moderation heavy approach, at least to me

i wanted to remove/ban numetas shit but then i got shit for it.

it was before u were here so you don't know but yea.

I mean, I think the better argument that was made by asoul iirc is that no one's going to see it here and it will have no impact.

The issue with your argument that others can just point out how dumb, illogical, and misinformed the shit is is the fact that those tactics don't work. Racism and conspiracy theories operate outside of the mode of logic (or at least within their own, unique mode of logic), so trying to sway those that believe with reason is an ineffective tactic.

There's tons of papers on this. Here's a decent summary of Popper's arguments that racism constitutes a framework, not a logic, so all attacks on it from any other framework fail, but their framework is tautological and immune to attacks from within:

I left because I was on the same side of that fight and lost :slight_smile: