Covid 19 - Mental Health

just went for a walk through a mall, saw a whole bunch of people come into the mall at once with masks on and my brain melted.

Anyone else's brains melting due to covid?

I feel like my brain is melting due to covid


this shit is not going anyway

have people on facebook who are in groups that have blacklisted stores that enforce mandatory masks and then i have those who are throwing fits over people not wearing them and calling them covidiots
definitely some extremes out there

thats fucked

its too much shit. Hand sanitiser each store, your hands will dry up. Eating while standing in food court food falling out everywhere. People making $16 an hour power tripping telling you what to do where to stand


yeah I hate this

i agree with the regulations though

but they suck

Covid is just a psychological warfare opperation on the american public. The majoritty of us did not give a shit lived our normal life except burdened by mask, sanitizin g and other dumb regulations that had no business being mandated by our governments. That being said essential workers and construction continued on without a hick up because face it no matter what the world must go on, even through a black plague. Every american has a self duty to their own health, it should have never been made about other people and gotten to this ridiculous point where bars are open no social distance but you have to wear a mask to get groceries.

yes, its confusing its different rules everywhere.

BTW they continue to ignore the spike in crime, the release of prisoners from jail, and the fact that a lot of middle class businesses are completely destroyed with no hope of financially coming back, and the violent protest.


Then they will be really surprised when trump absolutely wins 2020 because even people with half a brain, know it was not his doing.

Refpsi would you vote kanye for president

That spike in crime i dont even know. Ur right im not thinking abt NY crime rate jumping massive

Toronto is getting fucked slowly too

Trump first, then kanye, and only if they ass raped me and tortured me for hours saying that good guys lost i would go full accelerationist and vote biden hoping right wing death squads start marching in the street to take over and promote fascism.

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I def. experienced the power tripping when I went into a medical clinic, dude forced me to stand outside the door (with people everywhere around me) and explain what my reason for the visit was, not to a doctor, to him, so HE could decide if it was worthy of an in person meeting or a phone visit.

of course this is AFTER i phoned 45 mins earlier in advance, expressing my desire to come in. he didn't do any of this then, he waited UNTIL I was there.

so I had to say I wanted a prostate exam in front of a bunch of random people, just so this asshole would let me in the door. he was snarky and condescending the entire fucking time.

when when I went to sit down (I have a bad knee) he said in some loud military sounding voice "I DIDN'T TELL YOU YOU COULD SIT"

like the guy was actually LARPING as a border security prick or something, it was beyond insane

such a piece of shit. I get that doing that job is probably shattering his mental health because of COVID but my god the way I was treated in that place was disgusting

Yeah probably worse at the hospitals...

Workers at mcdonalds when you walk in.

Fucking long ass lines in drive throughs eith degenerates sitting in their cars

I don't really mind the retail experience, it's lame but that's what it has to be. having a massive COVID outbreak is far, far lamer. I just feel bad for the employees because I just see people being shitty to them constantly

but my experience might be different than yours.

however the people who take advantage of it to bully and belittle customers are fucking disgusting

They can automate the shitty parts though none of this shit is needed

Literally this woman standing there in a high pitched screeching voice. Go this way follow the red dots! You can literally program that shit