Covid 19 - Mental Health

This might drastically speed up automation come to think abt it. Especially if it lingers so long. Why would and souless corporation pay for some one to do that. When they can make a bot.

Starbucks vending machines. Why need an entire store front anymore? This dhit this dystopia is not going to go away.

a lot of places put the regulations in place for legal reasons. restaurants and gyms temp check you at the entrance but then don't care if you take your mask off inside

Its over boys and girls we are never going back. Write down stories for your kids about what life was once like.

Thw fucking candy store at sherway gardens isnt open. How fucking long can that store last. GG

This time next year we'll be back to normal bro just hang on

too many sheeple i dont believe.

Cant automate butchers though

No I'm not going to watch that as it will make me feel bad about eating cowsies and pigsies

the story is interesting


This thread is absolutely awful

homeless guy begging at the line of degenerates at the mcdonalds drive through like an hour ago. I talked to him, said its tough getting change now, he said 'yeah'

wealthy dude inside talking to the mcdonalds workers in starbucks language

Fat ginger female (most likely lonely liberal woman) at Beer Store power tripped and was all You need to stand back when i was over 6 ft away from the next people. Thusly I threw up a Heil Hitler said fucking Nazi's and walked out. fuck that shit, no more buying beer there :)

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if you werent wearing a mask i dont blame her

You shoulda hit her with a #plasma

Ofc sir

Prolly should have

its not the beer store's fault :frowning:

Its not. Doesnt matter i dont want these people who were never to have any power, power tripping now because they have some.