I don't know what it is, can I get the resident NADotA intellectuals (@big_ass, @Nmagane, @anon75925521, and @yns) to weigh in?

Sign me the fuck up.

Just make sure you go get your colonic cleanse afterwards and proceed with your toxin flush juice cleanse.

I can explain in detail when I get home - essentially the coldness activates hormone regulatory pathways in the brain that some believe are beneficial.

It’s not pseudo science – it does activate pathways, but is it beneficial?

activate pathways
not pseudoscience


Like I said, I will go more in depth when I can.

yeah you go sit in a cold room or something and it’s supposed to do something for you. We had some places in Vegas that got shut down because they got too cold and killed people or something LMAO

Basically you stand in a box and they release liquid nitrogen on you. Then the pixies in the liquid nitrogen heal all your ailments, leaving you feeling better than all the unhealthy stupid people around you who don’t eat a raw gmo free vegan diet.

Boy, this really activates my pathways, guys.

it’s like a reverse sauna but somehow gayer

Are you insinuating your brain does not have pathways? This explains the simplicity of your messages.

Thank you NADotA intellectuals @jones, @yns, and @ersu for clearing this up. I guess I’ll go activate my pathways tomorrow after my meeting!

I believe @jones is imolying that his pathways are already so active there’s no need for him to activate them!

You can call me Dr. Adams, no I am not a doctor and don’t have a PhD but I have been around this stuff long enough and seen the effects that I can guarantee you it is.
My assistant here is a registered nurse and the receptionist is ServSafe ceritifed.

We run a pretty tight ship around here.

Let me ask you one simple question haters: is running and/or other aerobic exercise good for the brain?

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