Curse of Strahd - Character Creation


Please use this thread to communicate specifically about character creation. I included everyone who expressed interest to see how it goes for now. I’m aiming for about 6 or so active members.

For character resources anything published by Wizards of the Coast is okay!

In addition Curse of Strahd allows these additional backgrounds.

Follow up with me if you need help. I’m looking into using dndbeyond as a source source for character sheets. If my friend doesn’t come through, I’ll purchase a handful of the source books in dndbeyond to make the process easy.


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Barbarian Half-orc

15 (+2) STR, 14(+1) CONS, 13 DEX, 12 CHAR, 10 WISD, 8 INT

Race bonus : str+2 cons +1

I tried to use point buy, does this look legit.

I’m still working out my name and backstory, but I am thinking of using part of the curse (it works well with what I had already imagined)

Yea it does I will say, its a decent idea to try to end on even numbers as that is when your modifiers increase. But its not required!.

I might just roll in that case, because I feel like this is too well rounded and I want my guy to be stupid as fuck

yea im about to open up a campaign on dndbeyond

see if this works to help build characters

It keeps redirecting me to the twitch login even though I’m logged in :thinking:

Try inviting my username : meanmike

can you log into dndbeyond in general
then try?

I just had to log out and it worked

So if anyone is making a new account on this website just log out after you make it then click the link again

Any specific settings you want

uncheck the contents probably rest doesn’t matter much also i think we can change that later if need.

Alright I’m pretty happy with my character:

Mukk was considered to be cursed from birth. When his mother got sick he became enraged when the priest said there was nothing he could do to help. Mukk believed that the Priest was intentionally being unhelpful due to Mukk’s supposed curse. When his mother died from the sickness Mukk confronted the the priest and killed him on the spot in the ensuing struggle. Upon the spilling of the priests blood Mukk was bound to the Priest’s staff and must carry it everywhere he goes. If he destroys it the staff appears once more, unscathed and spotless as if mocking Mukk. Mukk has been tortured by recurring nightmares that could be caused by the Priest or by guilt itself.

lol sounds good. I’ll take a look at the character later or if you need any help with let me know.

I followed the walkthrough but any tips you have would be cool too. Can’t wait to see what NMA comes up with

you have something listed as “Staff of Withering” im assuming that is your staff from the priest. But it can’t be an actual magic item for combat purposes. I would probably get some type of greataxe or sword.

You start with the following Equipment, in addition to the Equipment granted by your background:

    (a) a Greataxe or (b) any martial melee weapon
    (a) two handaxes or (b) any simple weapon
    An explorer’s pack and four javelins

Use your character’s equipment in the phb. No rolling for gold. Only gold is from background.

Also you can have inspiration for being the first one to get a sheet together.

I can make the magic item just be a necklace or something and pretend it’s there if that works better

its fine being a staff. it j just can’t be a magic weapon as considered by combat. it can be a normal quarterstaff for combat.