Curse of Strahd - Out of Character Discussion

I noticed

Just a warning but my character is never going to help out in the decision making process because he has dicks for brains. He is going to do whatever he feels like and is fine with walking to his death. We could have all died had jones not mentioned leaving at night was a disaster

Is nyte’s character a girl?

How do you make a roll check, or call for one?

Is there supposed to be a Map or am I getting ahead of myself

You can call my character “AA”.

On another note, we should really use new accounts for playing the game.

I am not going to swap accounts to post in and out of game. No

It worked fine during the Anonymafia games.

Yeah and people posted on wrong accounts all the time.

Also you can have an own tab (Incognito) open for the game.

I just don’t want to. It’s extra hassle for nothing :/

I’m on mobile and that sounds awful

We’ll figure out everyone’s chars names pretty quick anyway. It will just take time. Referring to your character’s name when you’re doing the action stuff will help for clarity too


If you say something warnting a check I’ll know.

Like I check the room or I want to attack etc. I’ll ask for rolls.

Does Klaze need to roll to flirt with Nyte? Does flirting count as attacking party members?

You can’t roll against party members. You can flirt, but you can’t roll to make it successful it’s up the the other party how they respond.

What about Rape?

Just for future reference of course - Klaze is unpredictable hahahaha!