Cybersex thread

Is in underwear
Laying down on couch facing the entrance to the house, sensually flowing hands over the soft, tight undies where a bulge is growing

You walk in.

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Cyber sex thread

penis droops as no one heeds its call

iNDo0R_5T0RM boldy strides into this den of corruption and hoists a gas can high into the air with thick bulging arms, dousing the fat & lecherous ginger that lay before him liberally in E85 biogas


The strike of a match illuminates the dimly lit fuck chamber as 5T0RM cackles heinously before flicking the torch in the direction of the plump bespeckled walrus man, who wriggles deliriously choking on the fumes

The flames soon engulf & overwhelm @_jdance as 5T0RM begins speaking in tongues invoking black magic

with a snap of his fingers, 5T0RM vanishes

Wish I could just present my hole as a way for men to just use me as their fuck hole for pleasure. No homo

wakes up from fugue state

Even harder than before

Perhaps the loss of consciousness is a kink of his

ponders at the e85 container

Could it fit in his ass?

Why is there black slime drooping down his walls?

Is that 4 digit number written in cum in the black slime perhaps a demonic phone number?

He has a new focus: find a phone connected to the demon network.

1488 the number reads

yall are fucking weird and offensive offense ofc.

starting a petition to delete this thread: please post ur vote


that's me

Delete for sure

please do, and delete the whole forum while ur at it

This is the best created thread in the last 3 days

I vote against delete.

I got two lines in, scrolled through, didn't stop on the hogs big post, but then why the fuck did a swastika show up? I'm not reading this shit, but I need an explanation

hogs post was the only thing worth reading