Day two - - After Christmas

Passionfortrains and Epok replacing Roragok and Klaze.

  1. @anon75925521
  2. @old_electrowizard_acc
  3. @big_ass
  4. @SOPHIE
  5. @ian
  6. @Friend
  7. @Matticus
  8. @bazingaboy
  9. @ironstove

Day 2 starts now

It is me KLaze.

Oh boy time to open more presents!

@mafiabot lynch @anon75925521

I try to read Yxfris, roman Gladitaor coded Message

@mafiabot startday 2391

Wait am I supposed to figure this out on my own

@mafiabot kill Nyte

sorry abuot that

WTT goblen lantern for coal

Matticus uses Yxfris, roman Gladiator Coded message with Key and Reward Box.
The message reads:
Txtjse lefvnask eopra skfh eklnma oepa

@mafiabot kill nyte

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot kill passionfortrains

Doesn’t matter - no need for mafiabot

@mafiabot lynch passionfortrains sorry

Lynch passionfortrains

I tear up my β€œA College Degree.” I have no need for this in this day and age.

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The coded message also comes with a key ; it reads:
β€œ#. s. d. #. s. d.”

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