Day two - - After Christmas

uses my hat

uses hat

The reward box has a lock with 7 letters

Deepthroat is now wearing a hat - not particularly useful, a thoughtless present.

@Matticus I sent you the coded box btw

use goblen lantern

< The goblen lantern allows Ian to find out the source of his gifts immediately on day start >

Fuck you asshole I gave you that

@mafiabot lynch wintermute

Someone sent me a very racist gift

I active my reactive horse armor

[Ironstove does not have a horse]
Bridled Horse Armor

it was probably Roragok

I can’t figure out my present

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Can someone please give me a bazooka

I’ll be back in a bit to try again

Thats gay

The host refuses to tell me what the racist gift’s purpose is and I’m afraid to unleash it as I’m certain it has some sort of evil intention.

Thank you it is a very nice gift

I don’t know if I can figure it out but I will keep trying