Day two - - After Christmas

i will not be slandered

i gave u the hat and i put a lot of thought into it i thought it looked cute

anyways i was given a gremlin trinket sounds sus fuckit tho

use gremmlen trinket

If you are the person that received Nightcrawler’s Hooves I’m extremely jealous btw

I gave a gift that sounded funny

We will see if the person uses it

if nyte flips scum grinch and claimed the hammer does that mean she gave an item to matticus that gives him +10 vote which he then lynched her with

No I was thinking about this too. Why did she give me judge’s hammer or was that a fakeclaim? Big throws

If scum got judge’s hammer that is 100% loss for town.

Additionally what does it mean for the horde of people that flipped to Nyte’s train at literally the last second with bad, scummy reasoning

For example the guy (name not specified here) who had his vote on matticus the whole day and then said “Actually I will sheep Matticus” or something and voted Nyte

What if Nyte is/was not actually scum and the scummy posters are just scummy because they’re scum

You make good points, but why are you busing your partner?

Which partner?

Okay, so you admit you have a partner, that’s good to know.

My item yesterday was ewiz’s mystical boots and my item today is “kobold bait” which I think you probably should not use but I would really appreciate if you did use it

I think the game is probably some sort of elaborate grief designed to make me not have fun after I openly say Nyte isn’t scum and all the people voting her clearly are scum

There is no grief over here on my end. Maybe you are griefing. I am christmas child.

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot .vc

@mafiabot votecount

Friend with a mysterious gremmlen trinket can not understand what it offers - gremmlens know more.