3 RUNES OF ZOT??????

This virgin got hard carried by Ashenzari

+8 hand axe of ice at zot5.

wooaah holy shit guys I can get 3 runes as a minotaur XDDDD

Died in Spider:1, opened a rune door with 10 monsters behind it and they knocked me into a Trap of Zot.

ill give this game a try after this battle brothers run

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pure comedy


Died in Spider:4, went down staircase and lost 50% of hp instantly.

Morgue: https://pastebin.com/raw/UQXHhWjU

Need to start taking the game more seriously

Decided to take the game more seriously.

As I have officially reached my goal of beating the game with Minotaur Fighter, I will now Never Play Minotaur or HillOrc Ever Again.

Screenshot of the final step:

Score comparison with my previous best runs:

Funny facts from my winning run:

  • Only enchant weapon scrolls I found were after I had cleared the Depths (a grand total of Two).
  • Destroyed at least 5 cursed items (3? of which were artifacts) to replace them later.
  • Levelled Long Blades to 20 or so, before realizing that I can't use a shield with a triplesword.
  • Was at 1 HP at some point in Spider:4 because I thought I could turn myself into a tree and tank in a hallway. After that I dropped the Tree potion and swore to never use it again in my life.
  • Used Wand of Digging to dig a path to the staircase in Zot 5 for stair dancing (can't dig through the building walls, but cave walls at the start were enough).
  • Found the +9 artifact handaxe at Lair:3 after playing everything up to that point with +0 starting weapon.

Also I don't think it needs to be said but Minotaur Fighter of Ashenzari is obviously easy mode, although that doesn't mean I didn't play well.

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You play Mimic tear with no Moonveil. Don't start talking down on others for just accepting the fact that playing Mi/HO Fi is already the lowest of the low and there shouldn't be an expectation to not use the best god you get offered. It's all random, I got a +9 axe, I got good curses (could've just as well gotten bad ones), I got good rings, I found good rF and Will gear. The list goes on.

That being said, there's nothing stopping you from beating the game in any way you like. You're obviously implying your superiority so you shouldn't be shy from showing it. Considering that you've been halfway to "blasphemy" yourself playing MiFi and HOFi on stream every day. Probably double my play time at this point.

Talking shit and being unsupportive just because someone is talking about their personal achievements is quite sad. I didn't say anything about you or how you play until now.
I would completely respect your opinion if you played Felid Ice Elementalist, but you're just sounding bitter. Especially since I said myself (IN THE POST YOU QUOTED!) that it was easy mode.

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there's too many items in this game i have no idea what im doing

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Just press lowercase o and tab.

i fell into a trap and got killed by 2 adders and a kobold