Democrat Fed Bomb Fraud 2018



They are calling the devices “pipe bombs”. You think the bomber wa stupid enough to write his own name on his work?

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Demorats and the Fraudulent Bureau of Instigation claiming bombs were sent to the kkklintons and obomba

I drank 2 glasses of tap water and entered a trance like state. When I came to I realized Gyórgy contacted me and said the bombs were revenge for Oliver north protecting hitler from the mossad. I also had wet myself

The return address on all the envelopes was debbie Wasserman schultz

Seems the dems are once again up to no good

This isn’t a fingerprint reader… no… this reads the dry wrinkles on circumcised glans meatus

What I don’t understand is how she still gets reelected as a Congresswoman after repeatedly pulling stuff like this

Possibly the democucks were influenced by saudi barbaria here?

I remember that one.I took the picture

Lol there’s no way this is real. Which one is Nyte?

This was the picture on the bombs lmaoIMG_20181025_115707

Name one instance of right wing terrorism that isn’t a false flag. I’ll wait, and any one you could name is actually a false flag it’s just been covered up by the DEMS

Proof? THEY HID IT!!

its a gentlemens club lol?

Nice to see deranged bombers can at least maintain a sense of comedy in these trying times

it was numeta

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it was clearly a left wing false flag