Dentist robbery

Never really had any problems with my teeth before… had 2-3 holes throughout my life…

Yearly checks since you’re a kid… They start charging you after you’re 21. Like 80$ every year for 1 visit/year.
If you need to fix something then that’s more. I think I paid 150$ once when I had one hole and just some regular cleanup…

Went to the same place ive always went to… private dentist… the old guy who ran the clinic retired and now new people run it…

Today: 600$
1 billion holes and fissures and wisdom teeth isues and god knows what…

No way of verifying if any of their accusations are true… Just have to trust them…

On the bill: General advice - 45$
You should brush your teeth and floss! That’ll be 45$!

Get a second opinion

Sounds like they’re trying to milk you for money

Brush your teeth and stop eating sugar

Starting 15 years ago

People do it all the time for cancer, why not for teeth

Never had any holes (other than on my milk-teeth), AMA

What’s your home address

What is your native tongue

who the hell gets holes in their milk teeth

they fall out before you have the chance to ruin them

I ate a lot of sugar when I was young

Milk teeth must be a euro thing

Nobody has said that here since 1932

It’s the fluroide

Could be worse if you were American you’d need to take out a loan to pay off that advice

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If I was american I’d be dead by now because I had a serious kidney disease when I was 12 and I’ve broken my arm 3 times since that

If I somehow managed to not be post-birth aborted at the age of 12 then my family would be living in a shack and we’d be eating bugs for dinner

You’d just be in insurmountable debt

assuming the trailer park was anything but desert

It happens. Just declare bankruptcy