Dethy Mafia: Good cop, bad cop Day 2

The cops wake up to find the the mangled corpse of SOPHIE.

Players Alive

4 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day 2 will last until 10/5 at 9pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.


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My check was Sophie green
Iā€™m either real cop or always green cop

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Jcrispy green
Sophie green

Tell me who to vote

Jcrispy did you post any result yesterday


What was the result

Read the thread

It is possible for town to win this.

I suggest you get busy posting, or get busy dying.


my read is Red on Jcrispy

Therefore I am either sane or insane cop.


According to these results by the way:
@big_ass is town cleared.

Because my reads confirm there is one mafia in Lucky/JCrispy - if I am town that is.
And if he's mafia - which makes it impossible for Lucky or Jcrispy to be mafia - that means I am town...

Someone tell me who to vote

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@krazykat vote @JCrispy