Dethy Mafia: Good cop, bad cop Day 5

The cops wake up to find the everyone still alive.

You have investigated every living player.

Players Alive

4 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day will last until a majority lynch is reached.

If No Lynch is voted, I will end this shit show.

Fight club rule number seven: Fights Will Go On As Long As They Have To.


@KrazyKat no lynch

Yeah I get it.
Go Cavs.

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It's optimal to no-lynch at 4 in Dethy..

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Theres only 2 clearable players. We can't progress unless Scum makes a mistake and kills me.

Agreed. We need to no-lynch until scum kills one player so we can go to the heads-up

Ideal scum play would be to kill you or LBJ then it would be lylo.

Ideal scum play would be to kill me since I am the best player out of that pair.

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I quit

Post your role PM

Not really clear on what our next steps should be

no lynching obviously

Whatever NMA votes I will vote that

Well that comment didn't age well.

Please vote someone out and end this.

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@KrazyKat lynch @JCrispy

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KrazyKat lynch @JCrispy

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@KrazyKat everyone saw my role on stream 2 days ago. However, you made this a non-game by playing the game as host

We have all been wasting your time, as a joke!

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