diretide is fun

its fun

bro why did i start a long numidian campaign on god walking for years through the desert to get to my second settlement is pain

goddamn im still a broke ass bitch

literally one of the worst

i live in the desert it's fucking ROUGH out here

at least i get op early game units

no one to be diplomatic with mane

no one to siege then demand payment + trade agreements

im gunning for the juicy nile provinces but the romans are definitely coming for my cheeks after they mop up carthage

i like to either be gaul oir bully gaul

i can't play as the barbarians from trauma in multiplayer. you either steamroll or your army instantly routs after being flanked. germany and thrace if you count them can stand up to the others a bit better but you still get shredded by archers

i think they just look cool

their unit rosters are just so garbodoodoo until you tech up

they do be having cool pants. not as cool as the teletubbies though
look at that fucking drip dude

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nah look at this guy

i played rome in multiplayer but i was never a degenerate urban cohort abuser i just rocked the legionaries with an eagle unit or two

i think my setup was 4 archers 7-8 legionaries, an auxilia or 2 and some shit cavalry to run down routers. just gold/gold weapons/armor and roll in

i just like to amass 1 big army and siege the fuck outta shit. fuck a town garrison

do you have the warhammer total war games?