diretide is fun

nah i rly havent played any of the new total war stuff

rome total war; alexander was my last one

it's all garbage except the warhammer games get good after frequent patches and immortal empires is lit 270 fucking factions on turn 1

the epilogues tho at the beginning of campaign missions are great

shogun, atilla, and medieval 2 are pretty fire as well

epic speech about alexander fuckin shit up never gets old

oh yea i played atilla too, i lost my copy tho

wait nvm, im thinking of barbarian invasion

empire was buggy but was pretty cool if you're into gun warfare. i never played napoleon i heard that really refined the empire systems

i had napoleon too, it got boring pretty quick tbh

look at the feather in this lad's hat doe we might be broke desert dwellers but man the drip is off the chain

the game with the best units is AoE2



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aztec best in aoe2 for looks i swear

mesoamerican civs do have the best aesthetic although mediterranean does come close

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major facts

i used to just build big ass bases and hold out. i did not care what enemy did